Gabions are used to repair and reduce erosion in streams. The most common kind of gabion is made with rock rubble in a wire cage, but you can also use natural materials like brush from the surrounding landscape to build them. Gabions both slow and filter water as it passed through the spaces between the brush. Sediment is caught in the brush, which reinforces the gabion while filtering the water of materials that can cause increased erosion.

It's important to select the right location for the gabion. The chosen site should be the lowest point of the main channel of the stream or river.

When building the gabion, anchor the brush into the bank and make sure to pack the brush really tightly. Build gabions in the dry season, and if possible, learn from someone experienced the first time you build one. You can add rocks and rubble to the downstream side of the gabion as a buffer. You can build additional gabions downstream, too.


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